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Solder Preform with Flux and No Flux

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● A variety of shapes, sizes, and flux types
● Made with ultra pure raw materials

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Providing preforms in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flux types. Custom Material may be formulated to unique material and dimensional requirements. The main applications include die attach of semiconductor, LED and laser chips, thermal fuses, sealing, thermal interface, connectors and cables, vacuum and hermetic seals and gaskets, PCB assembly, mechanical attachment, package/lid sealing.

Solder preforms provide a precise volume of solder for each solder joint that is uniform over high volumes. This provides high volume solder assembly operations with increased yield via precise delivery & control of solder to each interconnect.

Preforms can be manufactured to customer specification in any size or shape including rectangles, washers, discs, and frames. We offer fluxes and cleaners for use with our solder preforms. Available flux chemistries include RA, RMA, and No Clean. Fluxes can be supplied in liquid forms and can be pre-coated onto the solder preforms.


● Die attach of semiconductor, LED, and laser chips
● PCB’s: Increase solder volume/fillets on PCB through-holes
● Package/lid sealing
● Thermal interface: Chip-to-lid / lid-to-heat sink

Preformed pads are mainly used for small tolerances requiring mass manufacturing processes and for applications with special requirements on solder shape and quality. It is widely used in military industry, aviation, optical communication, precision medical electronics, power and power electronics, new energy gas vehicles, unmanned driving, Internet of things and other fields.


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