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QL-700A Water-Based Cleaner

Short Description:

● Water-Based Cleaner
● Liquid

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Product Description

● Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable , Environment friendly, degradable
● Minimal harm to humans
● Completely eliminate fire safety hazards
● Meet environmental regulations
● Good for environment as it complies with all current halogen-free industry standards


Material Properties



Clear, Colorless liquid


Slight lemon, or orange



Boiling Point


Specific Gravity


Solubility in Water




Flash Point


Clean Temperature

20-25℃(at room temperature)

Halogen Content



● Printed Circuit Boards
● Chip Carriers
● Heat Sinks
● Metal Housings and Chassis
● Surface Mount Device Pads


1、What are the common soldering methods?
The manual soldering, wave soldering, dip soldering, elective soldering and the reflow soldering.

2、Where are the solder products applied?
Both solder wire and solder bar widely are applied in metal equipment, electronic components, communications equipment, electronic instruments, and more.
Solder paste is mostly used for the soldering of electronic components of SMT, SMD, PCB and LED.

3、What types of common solder wire are there?
There are solid solder wire, flux-cored solder wire, and the no-clean solder wire. The flux-cored solder wire contains a certain proportion of rosin flux, which features superior soldering effect and gloss surface. The no-clean solder wire is produced by adoption of special agents, so there is no need to use other agents to clean the surface of components after use.

4、Why does the tin splatter when the wire is soldered?
When the amount of rosin flux in solder wire is excessive, we advise customers to reduce the amount of flux to 2%.

5、What are the specifications of the solder wire?
The leaded solder wire features various alloy specifications. The diameter of this type wire is at least 0.35mm. The Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 lead-free solder wire is provided with the diameter of at least 0.1mm.

6、What is our production capacity?
Our monthly production capacity is 500 tons for solder materials and 2000-3000L for liquid soldering flux.

7、What product certificates have we achieved?
The lead-free solder materials in our company has already passed multiple certifications, such as SGS, RoHS, REACH, and more. Our company has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.


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