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The New Soldering Wire For Stainless Steel

Soft soldering of stainless steel alloys is not possible with conventional soldering wires. The newly developed solder wire solves this challenge with a flux specially optimized for soft soldering stainless steel. It takes the soldering of stainless steel to the next generation.

Flux cored wire for soldering of stainless steel alloys. The flux does not contain any toxic substances. It is based on chemically modified resins and does not contain natural rosin. The flux has passed the SIR test according to J-STD 004 and is therefore classified as a no-clean flux.
Non-corrosive residues
Very good wetting
Aavailable with leaded(#1、#3)and lead-free(Sn0.7Cu)
Diameter:0.8mm(others can be customized)

Sheet and mesh made of stainless steel; Nickel, tin, lead, silver, aluminium, copper columns, household utensils, handicrafts. Large structures and steel structures cannot be soldered.
We also have one special liquid soldering flux of stainless steel QL-F380 that is lead free. More details information, you can contact us.
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Rhea Wang | Sales Manager

Post time: Jul-09-2022